Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hodge Podge Thursday: Those Crazy Grammers

Five time Emmy winning sitcom star Kelsey Grammer may be married to and making babies with his fourth wife, Kayte, but he's still deep in real estate doo-doo with his third ex-wife, Camille Grammer.

Those of the children who keep up to date on such things already know that third ex-Missus Grammer was, once upon a time, an MTV dancer and, along with Adrienne Maloof, was reportedly just relieved of her part-time gig on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Anyhoo, back when they were married Mister and third ex-Missus Grammer lived large, hunties. Their property portfolio swelled with luxury properties that they often bought and sold at a rapid fire rate. They owned several mansions in the pricier zip codes of Los Angeles including a gigantic 17,800 square foot pile with a dozen poopers in Beverly Park, an elegant Bel Air mini-mansion they sold in 2007 to Salma Hayek and Fran├žois-Henri Pinault for $13.5 million and a sprawling equestrian-equipped compound in Malibu's serene and star studded Serra Retreat. Third ex-Missus Grammer, who still occupies (and owns) the Malibu compound, briefly put it on the open market last year for almost $18 million.

The lavish living couple owned at least one house in Hawaii (ownership status unknown), maintained an almost 200-acre country compound in Upstate New York (still owned by Mister Grammer as far as we know) and a house in the Hamptons (sold in May 2011 for $9,995,000).

Mister and third ex-Missus Grammer also and still co-own a spacious ski chalet near Vail in Avon, CO—listed since at least March 2011 and currently priced at $6,995,000—as well as a nearly 11,000 square foot faux-Tudor sprawler in the north of Sunset section of L.A.'s hoity-toity Holmby Hills 'hood that they've been trying to sell since almost the day they bought it in June 2007 for $13,700,000. They first had it on the open market in July 2008 with an $19.9 million price tag but since then it has been de- and re-listed more times at various than Your Mama can be bothered to count. Earlier this week the price was slashed by a million bucks to $14,995,000.

It was recently revealed in the tabloid papers and celebrity gossip blogs that Mister Grammer hoped to move his new family into the Holmby Hills house in order to save some money but, as any sane person would imagine, third ex-Missus Grammer balked at the idea.

Mister Grammer, bless his real estate heart, dished out $6.5 million in April 2012 for an especially charming Spanish Colonial style casa in the flats of Beverly Hills, CA. His most recent sitcom endeavor, Boss, was axed in the fall of 2012 after its sophomore season and soon after that Mister and fourth Missus Grammer put their newly acquired house up for least at $30,000 per month. Shortly after than, just after 2012 became 2013, Mister and fourth Missus Grammer heaved the house back on the market with a notably higher $7,250,000 price tag.

listing photo: Coldwell Banker